Tuesday, November 09, 2010


SCAMO by Fabo


Anonymous said...

Fabo is truly the great prophet of the music of tomorrow. He serves as the bridge between the Oriental and Occidental ideals of music and art; and his situation is accordingly unique and unchallengeable. He sows the seeds for a regenerated musicality, based no longer on fleeting impressions or intellectualized emotions. Moreover, he understands the real basis for a new synthesis of arts, a synthesis truer, deeper and more essentially human than the one Wagner realized in the antepenultimate century. He proposes an immense work, a great communal drama synthetizing all arts in a grandiose manner, the fundamental conception of which he had made quite clear to his friends and correspondents.

Bruce said...


I was thinking about Club Bagatelle. I did a google search, remembering the name of the place and Vanderlip. Only one entry came up, and it looks like you have removed the information. Do you still have a copy of the page?


wildlifeworks said...

You haven't changed! -- good.

Eric Strauss said...

Oh haven't I?